MAX Out Volume II is jam packed and better than
    ever with 40 new pages!  MAX PT and ace CFT
    tests.  Improve all around body strength.  Perform all
    exercises in garrison or deployed locations.  This
    book has it all- muscle building, muscle endurance,
    cardiovascular, plus a 35 and older section as well.  
    Workouts are designed for all ability levels- beginner,
    in shape, and excellent shape.  

    For those of you who don’t know me, I wasn’t always
    a PT Guru.  Before getting into Army ROTC, I had
    been bedridden with an illness for a year and couldn’t
    even climb 2 steps at one time!  After being in ROTC
    for one month, I failed my first PT test miserably
    performing only 45 push-ups, 58 sit-ups, and running
    2 miles in over 18 minutes!  I then devised a work out
    plan based on my prior weight lifting experience and
    sports playing years in high school.  Within a few
    months, I was maxing the PT test and performing
    push-ups and sit-ups in the 120 repetition range in 2
    minutes and consistently running 2 miles in the 11
    and 12 minute range.  For the past 15 years since
    then, I have always maxed every fitness test taken.  If
    I can do it, so can you!  And following this manual,
    you won’t just max a test, but you will always be
    combat fitness ready.  
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