CPT Kind wasn’t always a “PT Guru.”  Before he got
    into ROTC, he had been bedridden with an illness for
    a year and couldn’t even climb 2 steps at one time.  
    After being in ROTC for one month, Cadet Kind took
    his first PT test and failed it!  His total score was a
    178 with a run time of 18 minutes and 3 seconds and
    only 45 push-ups and 58 sit-ups performed.  Cadet
    Kind then devised a work out plan based on his prior
    weight lifting experience and sports playing years in
    high school.  Two months later on his next PT test his
    push-ups increased by 30 repetitions and his sit-ups
    by 19.  Unfortunately, he sprained his ankle during
    the run portion.  Cadet Kind then had one month to
    train for the next PT test after the ankle was healed.  
    His push-ups increased to 93, his sit-ups to 83 and
    his run time dropped to 13:41 enabling him to earn a
    286.  By June, he earned his first 300.  From then on,
    his scores increased until he consistently scored in
    the 360’s and 370’s.  Run times in the low 11’s and
    push-ups and sit-ups in the 120’s became the norm.  
    If CPT Kind could increase his score over 200 pts, so
    can you!  Follow this plan and if you are motivated
    enough, you will even score in the 400 range.
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