Money myth.  It is what you make that matters.  False.  
                      A Private E2 has $200 more disposable income than a
                      Second Lieutenant (2LT).  See Money Myths on page 4
                      for details.  

                         As a general rule, it does not matter how much money
                         you make, but it is what you do with what you make
                         that matters.

The Armed Forces provides you with a job, clothing, equipment,   
housing, food, medical care , and instructions on how to perform,
maintain, and manage these things.  The Armed Forces also provides
you a paycheck, but unfortunately, there are no instructions with your
paycheck on how to make the money work for you through wise
spending, saving, and investing.  That is where I come in.  

I was fortunate enough to be taught some financial principles when I
was eight years old and some more when I turned 20 by some very
wise, wealthy men that have enabled me to not only become debt free,
but to also build wealth for my generation and the next generation of my
family along with teaching many others to do the same.

I have now put this knowledge into book format and my desire is that
you and your family will be blessed with this wisdom as well.

You do not need to be a slave to debt anymore.  You do not need to
retire without any savings.  You do not need to be afraid of investing.  
You do not need to be fearful of your children’s financial future.  You can
build wealth and I will help you to do it.

The choice is yours, do I want to be financially weak or do I want to be
financially fit and help others I care about be financially fit as well?

Lee Kind earned an MBA from George Mason University, is a former
Army Officer, successful businessman, trustee for multiple estates,
Realtor®, and husband and father.  He has written multiple best selling
books to help service members better themselves, their units, and our
Free Downloads of Financial Fitness Charts
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