“I personally hand-picked Lee Kind to be the Primary
    Jumpmaster on all of our VIP jumps while he was in the
    82d Airborne Division.  He is the most dedicated and
    conscientious Jumpmaster that I have ever worked with.”
    -  LTC Tracy, former 18th ABN Corps Parachute Officer
    and 82d Airborne Division Parachute Officer

    “Lee Kind is absolutely the most proficient and
    professional Jumpmaster that I have ever had the
    pleasure of working with in my 14 years of military service
    in Airborne units.  His dedication to teaching and
    mentoring Jumpmaster students and fellow Jumpmasters
    is unsurpassed.”
    - 1LT Yablonski, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)

    “There is no better train the trainer that CPT Lee Kind.  
    CPT Kind’s expertise, attention to detail, training
    standards, and care for paratroopers is second to none.  
    He has taught, motivated, and trained numerous NCOs
    and officers ensuring success, not only for completion of
    the Jumpmaster course, but also when it came time to
    perform Jumpmaster duties on any given airborne
    timeline.  Lee Kind was my jump buddy before, during,
    and after jumpmaster school.”
    - MAJ Seed, former 82d ABN Division Company
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