Lee Kind has held numerous leadership positions
    ranging from entry-level to senior-level in the U.S.
    Army, the corporate world, and in various sports
    leagues.  Lee considers leadership a passion and
    the discussion of it is one of his favorite past times.
    Recognizing that the focus of our schools and
    colleges is not on leadership, Lee wants to share
    the wisdom he has learned with others to help
    transform current and future leaders, whether they
    are military, civilian, coaches, or parents.  What he
    has tried to do in this book is to explain, in simple
    terms, how to think and be a leader at work, home,
    and play.  

    As a former U.S. Army officer, Lee has combat
    experience in Iraq and Kosovo and was forward
    deployed in Korea.  He served 6 years in the 82nd
    Airborne Division and since leaving the Army for
    family reasons, has been privately employed in the
    Washington, D.C. area.  

    Lee holds an MBA from George Mason University
    where he did extensive international residencies
    and he holds a BBA from Augusta State University
    where he graduated as the Distinguished Honor
    Graduate in the Army ROTC program.  

    Additionally, he has served as a volunteer on the
    George Mason Executive MBA council as well as
    the Pastoral Advisory Team for his church.   
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